NoProgra EA Builder – Features

  • Use natural language to create your own expert advisors for MetaTrader. Natural language relates to the way we speak, write and think.
  • Great graphical user interface. No MQL or coding knowledge is required.
  • Visual tool that empowers traders and coders to create eas in seconds.
  • Create complex eas using technical indicators, currency prices, candle signals, and logic connectors (AND – OR).
  • Multi currency and multi timeframe support. You can create eas that look at trading signals in different time frames and for multiple currency pairs.
  • You can import well written existing custom indicators and use them in your ea
  • Create eas and indicators faster
  • Produces correct MQL code
  • Supports 4 and 5 digits brokers
  • With NoProgra EA Builder you don’t need to learn MQL or ea programming to create your expert advisors. However, if you want to learn MQL, this is the perfect tool to see how trading conditions code work.
  • It’s the only expert advisor builder based on natural language.
  • ECN compatible. You get to chose if you want a normal ea or an ea for an ECN.
  • Hedging ready. You decide if your ea hedges.
  • Keep your trading secrets to yourself. No need to share it with coders anymore.
  • Excellent support. Online Support in our forum.
  • MetaTrader variables to manage your ea.
  • Features to create mt4 variables to be used during backtesting and optimization
  • It comes with NoProgra Indicator Builder so you can create indicators without any programming.

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